The Philosopher King

by Tarim

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"The Philosopher King" incorporates extreme music and thought-provoking lyrics to give metal listeners a more personal experience, touching on issues like insecurity, alienation (both voluntary and involuntary), and emotional suffering. The music is fast, heavy and intense, as well as beautiful, organic, and accessible to all fans of metal. Songs are written in such a way as to inspire and empower others dealing with personal anxieties.

"...Tarim will bring you many styles. From progressive-melodic, to European Black metal to a heavy North American death metal, the result is ‘The Philosopher King.’ Combined with top notch production, this is a five out of five star must have." -- Soundcrave Magazine
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“This is a unique brand of melodic death and it hits you like a Mack truck right out of the gate. Eventually these dudes will gain some major recognition due to the fact that their skill and talent cannot be overlooked.” --
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released August 30, 2013

James Wicks: Guitar/Vocals
Matt Garrison: Guitar
Julio Escamilla: Drums
Geoff Colvin: Bass

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
by James Wicks and Tarim

Cover artwork by Parin Cashmony Art & Design



all rights reserved


Tarim Denton, Texas

Tarim is a melodic death/black metal band that combines somber melodies with intense drums and engaging lyrics to convey philosophical themes. The band formed late in 2011 with members James Wicks, Matt Garrison, and Julio Escamilla, and were joined by bassist, Geoff Colvin in March, 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Lessons
The cynic in death
Tends to reflect
On a lousy and meaningless life
But the purest of mind
Recall the better times
They never live in regret

Lessons in life scar the soul
Blissful are those who learn to let go

Live for tomorrow
Yesterday is gone
Forever strong is the hope of dawn

Lessons in life scar the soul
Blissful are those who learn to let go
Heavy the weight
An existence of hate
The burden of sorrow

The end so far away
There’s so much time
To learn how best to live
To train the mind
And though we’re meant to die
We make our lives
Overcome the past
Leave the grudge behind

I am the will…the power to rise

I am the light
Guide you from wrong
I am the truth
With knowledge be strong
Track Name: The Rabble
Tunnel into a person’s eyes
Through the maze of another’s mind
There lies true evil;
The desire to fall in line
We must overcome
Social convention
Stigmatize the boring wretch
And rise above the rabble

Identity is fragile
One submission can compromise
Any worthwhile struggle
Push forward with opened eyes
Take a lesson from suffering
Instead of hopeful clichés
Consolation is in the mind
True power is in the will to rise

Don’t be afraid!
Stand strong and face the world alone!
Face the evil!
Track Name: Meditations
The winter nights pass slowly
The hours fade to morning
Then I sleep
The cold reminds me of life ending
My frozen body, motionless

I think by firelight, my mind racing
My solipsistic fears come to life
Again the sun sends me to sleep
Where I endure the torture of my dreams

I turn away, consumed by the dark
Where all I can hear
Is the sound of my own heart

It quickens!
Amplified in the quiet of the night
Cling to hope I'll see another dawn;
I'll wake up!

Bring me the night
And the desolate cold
So that here alone
I can finally grow
Track Name: The Plague
I feel my body
Has been betrayed
I feel it growing
Inside my veins
It's taking over
I can't recover from the pain
I am slowly dying
I am getting weaker every day

My flesh is rotting
I smell decay
My wits are fading
Muscles atrophy
Left in this bed
This sterile room shall be my grave
Here to die alone
Infectious still, I am the plague

Please let me die!

God as my witness I have taken torment
You stood by every painful moment
Life has taught me of your cold indifference
When I die I will come for vengeance

In death I fight for justice
For all of those who've lived in pain
Open the gates
Face the bodies you have cursed
We are an army
The tortured souls of Earth

Please let me die!
Track Name: The Stranger
I am a stranger
I am a wanderer
I am sheep gone astray
And I am condemned
For how I have lived
And for what I believe

Life is absurd
That’s what I have learned
Nothing really matters
I’ve no heavy heart
Or emotional scars
I live for the moment

I will not live
Like a dead man!

I’ve been accused of being cold
Apathetic and callous
And though I love this world
It’s no place for a stoic

My desire grows
But it never shows
I just don’t care to play the game
Care to show my pain

Yes! I am a stranger!
Yes! I am a wanderer!

I will not live
Like a dead man!
Track Name: No Pity
What gives you the right
To inflict your pain on another?
Stop your crying, you're pitiful
You're such a child
Grow up!

How can you live with yourself?
Desperate and weak, you've no hope
We're all afraid of being alone
But learn from the pain
Let go!

Go! Pull your pride up from the dirt!
Pity only hurts
Step away from cowardice
Embrace the world!

Don’t be the worm!
Shameful and low
Rise from the earth!
No pity, be strong!

The temptation to blame your pain on others
Threatens the whole of your integrity
Take responsibility when you suffer
In time you will salvage your dignity

Rise! Rise!
Track Name: Immolation
I have a choice
Your future or mine
I must sacrifice
My freedom or your life

What is life?
Suffering and distress
But you’ll never know
You’ll never take your first breath

My innocence
My righteousness
Never stood a chance

The only solace
For my regret
Is that you have been spared
From a life of shit

Unfortunate, yes
But still for the best
Track Name: Last of Legend
We come from a past
Of pain and ash
In search of a new life
Destined to survive
On strength and pride
Never turned back from a fight

So we go into the unknown
Never to return

On the merciless road
Together we roam
Crushing through enemies
Like a rolling thunder
An unstoppable force
Against death and worse
Immortal in the hearts of the cursed

So we go into the unknown
Never to return
Track Name: The Apology
The crowd waits for him to speak
To make his defense
He is charged with disrespecting the gods
And corrupting the youth

Sent to face his accusers
To prove his innocence

He speaks to five-hundred
All convinced of his guilt
He knows he will not succeed
The birth of ancient irony
He defends his way of life
The philosopher's path
A clash of arrogance and humility
He is sentenced to death

Sent to face his accusers
To prove his innocence

Wisdom...Will come

In return for his guilty sentence
He warns that he will have vengeance
There will be more to refute them
Who chose to kill a wise man
...To kill a wise man
Track Name: Masters of Destiny
I live a life of principle
No compromise
My search for truth has yielded strength
And has opened my eyes
But with the gains
I face a different pain
Isolated inside my head
Where no one understands

I have studied the writings
Of thinkers long ago
In spite of all they had to give
I am alone

Quick wit with a sharp tongue
Seductive only for so long
Insecurity behind a mask
Of stoic control


Atop my ivory tower
Looking down
I am unmatched
But I am so detached
Deep thoughts and meditations
Are all I have left
For this disciplined life
Much I have sacrificed

My quest to be enlightened
Has come at a price
I have alienated myself
To fortify the mind
My choice to be a stranger
To be a fly
Ensures my fate
To be alone when I die

A balanced life is one well lived
Knowledge is more than only things we’ve read
Experience the world outside our heads
Be masters of destiny!